March 2, 2021

13 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing PCMatic Software

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13 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing PCMatic Software

13 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing PCMatic Software

At a time when cyber criminals are getting more and more advanced and clever in their attacks on computers, it is not imperative to have antivirus solutions, it is also important to have one which will meet your expectations. The problem is that there are so many options in the market that selecting an antivirus solution can prove to be a hassle. It is safe to say that you should never opt for the free versions, especially from unsolicited sources, as they can be a ruse to dupe you.
They will offer premium features to protect your computer but will end up stealing your money.

Even with paid versions of genuine antivirus software, there are numerous options available that can confuse anyone. With each vendor claiming to provide superior quality antivirus software, the consumer is bound to feel overwhelmed. Although the benefits they provide are clearly mentioned, it is essential that you steer clear from the unfavourable characteristics.
For your ease, we have compiled this list of 13 mistakes that you must avoid when choosing antivirus software-


1.     Scanning Capabilities

The most common job of an antivirus is to scan incoming and outgoing traffic for viruses. It is so basic that most antivirus solution providers provide this feature in their free version. If a software is not capable of doing this task meticulously, you can strike it off your list instantaneously.

There are several independent tests whose results can tell you which antivirus software is up to the mark and which ones are not.


2.     Additional Features

As the antivirus software gets more proficient in detecting and eliminating any kind of online threat, the malware is becoming equally difficult to recognize. For this, you need an antivirus solution that has more complex features and a unique way to approach the problem.

PC Matic uses the technologically advanced whitelist rather than the traditionally used blacklist in its process of detecting any threat in the network traffic that makes it the safest and most reliable antivirus software. You can download PC Matic from the official website.


3.     Prevent Pop-up Ads

Sometimes pop-up ads contain malware that can infect your system even if you do not click on it. This makes it very important for your AV solution to stop pop-up ads from appearing.


4.     Updating Drivers

Hackers sometimes attack the weak link in your network that might be a result of a driver that has not been updated. Your AV software should be able to update the drivers automatically after each scan.


5.     Privacy

Antivirus software collects data about your computer usage to improve their product. If you run a business where you store client information and data, it is essential that you trust your vendor enough to be sure that they will follow ethical practices while handling your files.


6.     Preventing Zero-Day Attacks

Most antivirus solutions are well-equipped in identifying and blocking known malware. However, most of them fail during a zero-day attack, which means getting infected by brand-new malware. Within minutes, millions of users around the world can get infected in a zero-day attack.

To counter this, we need antivirus software that can detect a pattern of suspicious behavior and block the malicious program before it can make changes to your system.


7.     Improved System Performance

Many antivirus solutions occupy a large space of your computer’s hard disk that decreases the performance of your PC. If you download PC Matic, it will not only protect your system but it will also remove junk files from your system regularly which will improve the performance. Apart from this, it is lightweight software that doesn’t take up too much disk space of your computer.

If you want to know about how to install PC Matic in your system, the detailed instructions are on the website.


8.     Less False Positives

More often than not, your AV software might flag a completely harmless program as dangerous. This is known as a false positive. This is potentially harmful because even if a particular file of a harmless program is identified as malicious, it might be deleted permanently that will render the concerned program completely ineffective.

You need software that has a high detection rate and a low false-positive rate.


9.     Ease of Use

Software’s UI should be such that both casual and tech-savvy users can easily navigate and operate it. It should be simple enough for casual users and must provide enough freedom to tech-savvy users to customize it according to their requirements.

It is recommended that you download PC Matic as it is very user-friendly antivirus software.


10.Good Reviews

You can always rely on reviews of those users who are already using the AV software that you intend to buy. Amazon is the best place to check out the reviews since they are posted by genuine users and are not paid.

There are many third-party testing groups that will grind the software to evaluate its peak performance and will publish the results. You can always check how the software performs on the parameters you wish your AV software to have.


11.Technical Support

For any service, it is a must that it has a reliable technical support. The same is true for antivirus software too. You must not overlook the quality of the technical support team. The majority of AV vendors provides chatbots or automated email replies but in an event of a crisis, a quick-to-respond technical team will be your savior.

If you download PC Matic, you will get 24X7 technical support.


12.Fair Price

There are many free antivirus software available online but it is better to not go for them. Their quality would be quite poor and will be of no use. It is better to spend some money and buy software that will protect your system for sure.

Even with the ones that are paid, there are different subscription plans. You can choose the one that has the features you need.


13.Free Trial

Sometimes reading reviews and independent tests are not enough to help you choose your antivirus software. Many AV vendors offer a free trial so you can have a go at it and find out if it is suitable for you or not.

Download PC Matic Software to get 30 days money-back guarantee.

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