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Best Apple watch for 2023

Best Apple watch for 2023

By admin

Series 8 of the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Series 8 is the best Apple Watch for the majority of people. In terms of price and capabilities, it falls squarely between the SE and Ultra models.

The Series 8 has a 20% larger always-on OLED screen than the SE and reports blood oxygen, ECG, and heart rate data via Apple’s third-generation heart rate sensor. A new temperature sensor offers additional fitness metrics and can even track ovulation.

This watch is ideal for those who do not want to sacrifice features or spend $800 on the Apple Watch Ultra. Because of its larger screen, high-end components, and comprehensive set of fitness features, it’s worth the extra money over the SE.

Apple Watch Extreme

The Ultra is the largest, most powerful, and most expensive Apple Watch. To put that in context, you can get two Series 8 or three SE models for the same price. However, it works hard to justify its price.

To begin, the Ultra has the largest and most vibrant screen of any Apple Watch. It has a 49mm titanium case that has been MIL-STD 810H tested and an OLED display that emits twice as much light (2,000 nits) as the Series 8 or SE. It has a 36-hour battery life and an additional Action button for custom functions (double the Series 8 and SE).

SE Apple Watch

The 2022 Apple Watch SE (starting at $249) is an excellent alternative to the Series 8 for first-time smartwatch buyers as well as older or younger users, thanks to a faster processor and a lower price than the previous model.

The second-generation Apple Watch SE is powered by the same S8 processor as the Series 8 and Ultra, and it also includes heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, fall and crash detection, and water resistance up to 50 metres. It also has better real-world battery life than the previous generation and the same excellent app selection as the more expensive models.

Series 7 of the Apple Watch

So, what about the previous generation Apple Watch, the Series 7? It’s still a fantastic smartwatch, and you might be able to find it for less than the Series 8 price (though still more than the SE). The Series 8 has dual temperature sensors that can measure your body temperature and monitor it for variations from your baseline temperature, which is a significant difference between the Series 7 and Series 8. It can also be used to track ovulation, though you may not want to do so.

Crash detection is also included in the Series 8. The Series 8 can detect a car accident and connect you to emergency services. If you’re torn between the two watches, this is a useful safety feature to consider.

Aside from that, they’re the same Apple Watch. If you can find the Series 7 for a significantly lower price than the Series 8, it’s worth considering over the SE for its more advanced health features, such as a blood oxygen sensor and ECG.