April 10, 2021

5 Game App Development Consideration Points

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Technological advancement in the world paves a great feature for mobile apps. Everyone has cell phones nowadays and the app store on the mobile has n number of apps. Gaming apps are more popular among them. Most of them love gaming apps and they become the best friend in the alone time and most probably while traveling. With the help of these gaming apps, you can play with the computer or many apps will provide an opportunity to play with real-time people. When it comes to developing a gaming app, there are a few important factors to be considered before kick-starting them.

Type of gamers:

We segmented gaming people into 3 types

Casual gamers:


Casual gamers involve only in the short session of game play and they even love to play a normal level of games than the more challenging one. These types of people will be typically older in their age group or probably women.


Hard-core gaming people:

Hard-core people are those who breathe for gaming, they know all the in and out in the gaming segments. They usually love challenges and play the advanced level in a particular game. They know more about the latest market trend in the gaming app segment. They even love to explore many online games and apps and provide suggestions and feedback to many for choosing the most challenging game app.


Core gaming people:

Core gaming people, who stand in between to the causal and hardcore gamer, love to play these games from an app, which used to be user-friendly. Their main focus on playing games is to have more fun and enjoyment.


When you are planning to design a gaming app, it is also important to have these analyses since this paves the greater way for your app success.


Target audience for Game App Development 


The most important thing when you develop a gaming app, who will be your target audience will be their ages. According to the survey 

  • About 14% of people ages below 25 years loves to play games
  • People age between 25-35; about 30% of people love to play the game through these gaming apps.
  • For those who are between 35-45, about 24% of people love to have gaming apps.
  • People in the age group 45-55 about 20 % love to have these apps.
  • And the people who were above 55, only 12% loved to have these games and a gradually reduced time spent on these games. This is another most important factor to make into consideration while developing a gaming app. It should be user friendly for all the types of game users to have wider exposure.


Time spent on your Game App

Time is also a crucial factor in order to identify how much time they spent on your app, whether all the navigation is properly navigated and most important what is your gaming difficulty level. If you create the most advanced level of gaming only hardcore players love to play the game and this eventually makes people spend more time on your gaming app. Since the game, what you avail them would be more challenging. Most importantly the design of the game app should be relevant to the games and it should be visually pleasing to the viewers who love to play the games.

According to a report, it states that the average time spent on a gaming app has increased by about 150 billion hours year after year and now it has reached about 900 billion hours year by year.


Global reorganization:

In 2016, the user spending time on gaming apps has increased to about $44.8 billion and it is growing year by year and it is expected to reach $80.6 billion by the year 2020. Gaming app has about 82% contribution to the growing global app revenue. So this growing need and the revenue growth rate, make these apps an important factor in the global economy. Every gamer has its own strength and level of interest while gaming, all these key considerations should be taken into a factor which is designing a gaming app.



Apps will provide an opportunity to get paid back. With its unique features and simplicity, many love to download your app from the app store by that way you can get paid for your apps. There are apps which are premium/subscribed and can be used to easily monetize. Mostly apps with advanced gaming levels help to monetize a lot.


Bottom Line:

Then the need for gaming apps nowadays plays a significant role in the global economy and also the reach among the audience also plays a significant role in the popularity of these gaming apps. The information about the global audience helps to develop the strategy of your gaming apps. Starting from picking up the logo color and the theme of the games all play an important role while considering your app success.


Author Name: Kush P

Kush Patel is the Chief Technical Officer and Managing Director of Echo Innovate IT – a software development company. He is responsible for the overall operations of the company and has played a major role in making Echo innovate IT the top-notch IT services provider and transforming it into a globally trusted web and app development company.


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