With more businesses going online and expanding globally, the need for virtual offices has been on the rise. A virtual office can make it easier to connect with clients across the globe while working from home. You get everything you would need for a physical office without the need to manage your room, working desk, and all office accessories.


Even if your consumers need to meet your company representative, a receptionist is enough, and your virtual office can provide you a room for occasional meetings with prospects, investors, and guests. With mail forwarding, a virtual office can help you receive postal mail, scan it, and send it over through email.


Regardless of the nature of business you conduct, you would need a virtual office to thrive in various parts of the world. These five tips will help you rent a virtual office in London and the UK in general.

1.  Current Business Needs and Projection


The expansion of a business to go global comes with several needs. Your business model will determine the requirements you will have to address at the initial stages of expansion. Virtual offices come with a variety of features. Your subscription may depend on the features provided, and you would want to satisfy all the needs without going overkill.


The most important thing you would need is a phone line connecting you to your local office number when a customer calls. Mail forwarding is also essential if you intend to receive letters and parcels. Running an eCommerce shop requires both and a representative people can meet and talk to about their needs. If you want to have a room in the future, you would want to consider a scalable option that you can upgrade at any time.

2.  Office Location


Being virtual does not mean that the office can be anywhere. As you would have to pick the right place to set up your business, remote offices also need to be in well-thought places. You would not miss an office at the perfect place for your consumers to find you with so many choices.


While you may only need essential services like mail and call forwarding, customers want to trust how easy it is to locate your business. Even if nobody wants to come to the store immediately, they think that your office being far from the major towns might make it hard to reach you. It would be essential to find a virtual office located in places you intend to target with your business.

3.  Virtual Office Provider License


The virtual office location may also dictate if the provider needs government authorization to operate the business. In some jurisdictions in the UK, a virtual office provider needs a license to operate. Although you may think that this factor is minor, remember that without authorization, their business would be illegal.


Ireland is one of the UK regions where you must have a license to run a virtual office business. If renting a virtual office there, ask for their licensing. You would not be rude trying to establish if your business may be at risk because of someone else’s carelessness. Furthermore, business addresses need to be registered before you can register your business in the UK.

4.  Duration of Operation


Marketing materials are costly to make. Imagine designing and creating business cards, branding, and advertising in local and digital media – all these require money and consume a lot of time. In your marketing efforts, you tell people where to find you, and that is where your office should reside permanently for smooth business operation.


Having an established provider will help you to stay relevant for long and establish your brand in your location of choice. It is essential to ascertain the company’s duration in operation and its business standing before renting a virtual office. Established companies will grow with you.  Virtual office providers without any track or customer base may likely close at any time. This experience will cause you to start looking for another office address, which will nullify all your marketing efforts.

5.  Allowed Minimal Contracts


All services we buy online as packages have minimum contract durations. Other terms might also include a termination fee. Renting a virtual office should give you all the flexibility you need. Your needs may depend so much on the stage of your business and how you intend to run it.


The conventional minimal service contract for a virtual office is one month. Whether you want to test your services in the UK before launching or want to go slow, you can choose a package and contract that suits you. Once you determine your position and start to gain traction, you can consider a more extended contract so that you can manage fewer invoices.

Summing Up


Virtual offices are necessary when you want to run your business in foreign countries. As a freelancer who does not have a permanent office, you can use a virtual office so that you can occasionally meet your clients and work from home for the rest of the time. Find an appropriate virtual office to gain trust among customers while reducing the costs of running physical space.

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