April 10, 2021

6 Most Popular Flowers In The World!!!!

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6 Most Popular Flowers In The World!!!!

Flowers are present in nature in different shapes and colours, each with their own name and classification. There are approximately 3 to 4 lakh types of flowers. Every flower has its own message embedded in it. Flowers are undoubtedly one of the most amazing creations of our mother nature. Every civilization on the planet has admired and idolized the beauty of flowers. Today we have picked up a few flowers that are the most mesmerizing blooms in the world. Along with the flowers we will provide you with some amazing and unforgettable facts about them. With these facts, you won’t be able to forget them for your entire life. We have the flowers in this list starting from the category classic to exotic. As we all know we all have that one flower which is our weakness and we love the most. If someone gives us that single flower that makes us happier and fresher. Here is a list of some of the most popular flower types. 



They are called Peruvian lilies they native to South America. They come in warm colours like orange, pink and it is a symbol of friendship, wealth, and pure devotion to anything. They typically bloom in late or early summer and need direct sunlight to bloom properly. Moreover, they need water on a weekly basis on a daily basis so it is the best option to have in your garden or you can order flowers online and send them to your near and dear ones to show your feelings for them.


Calla Lilies

These are also called the Mini Calla Lilies as they have a very slender and sleek shape that can make them extremely unique. These are used a lot for decoration and that is the best thing about them. This can be the best option to give you near and dear ones and make them feel amazing. Send them to near and dear ones and show care and love.



They come in 3 different types: large flowered carnation, dwarf carnation, and spray carnation. The first one grows 20 inches high with one large bloom, and the other two have small bloom but have numerous stems. These flowers need direct bright sunlight and can grow 1.5 – 2 feet. They bloom in early spring – late summer. These flowers have bright colour petals which makes it attractive and it can be used as a symbol of love and friendship. Their colours also represent different means like pi ks show, motherly love, and white means good luck, etc. 



They are found in Antarctica and are from the largest known plant families. These flowers have bright yellow centers and white petals, these flowers are easy to grow and need direct bright sunlight to grow. These flowers can grow 0.8 – 3 feet in height and bloom in mid-summer – early fall. Daisies are the best flowers to give your near and dear ones to make them feel amazing. They need water in summer or if rainfall is less than an inch per week then it requires water. They are the symbol of innocence. 


Casablanca Lily

This is another popular flower for weddings that is always available all around the year. It has large and flat blooms which usually occupy spaces. It can easily fit into a bouquet. It also has a nice scent which can make your wedding day very lovely. The flower is very resistant to cold temperatures. It could serve you all through your wedding day without appearing dull.



This is another unique flower that you can use for your D-day. It’s available all through the year. The flower is quite rich in aroma and also has beautiful features. It’s a quality flower you can use to decorate your wedding reception arena. They are of off White colour and they bloom in the midst of green leaves around them. You can have it in your house in a jute basket and it will look amazing. Send flowers to someone special and make moments unforgettable 


We hope you like this article, these are some of the popular flowers one can have in their house or can gift to their near and dear ones.


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