March 6, 2021

Android VS iPhone Which One To Choose?

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Android VS iPhone Which One To Choose?

Android VS iPhone Which One To Choose?

No matter which smartphone company you choose, it has to be running one of the top smartphone operating systems that is iOS(for an iPhone) or Android(for all smartphones other than iPhones).

Both are quite good and provide quality for more than a decade. It means both have comprehensive features with a little difference. However, both have pros and cons, and there are reasons that you might prefer one over the other.

Here we will take a look at the respective strengths of each smartphone, so you can pick the right one for you on your next purchase.

Apple has designed a variety of linkages between its products. You can share your iPhone data on Mac (a laptop device by Apple) easily and efficiently. Safari (browser of Apple) allows you to move phone calls on iPhone and Mac seamlessly. Another feature is continuity, you can take pictures and scan documents on iPhone then view or edit those on Mac.

Android developers have a hardware ecosystem that is approaching Apple, even some get much close like the latest Samsung models and others such as tcl 10l. Microsoft has developed features that allow us to respond to notification and texts on your PCs but there is a lot of work that has to be done.

Better Third-Party Apps.

It is in human nature that they jump between different platforms until those are present. I am amazed by the quality applications provided on the iOS App Store. Although there is some android which is compatible with iOS Apps but finding those is much difficult.

You can find applications of the biggest companies like airlines, banks on iOS easily and these all applications are user friendly. Android smartphones also have such applications but most are slow and buggy.


Apple made awesome accessories for their product users at the rate of market compatible prices. There is a semi-healthy selection of such accessories for almost all android smartphones and their co devices. Some service providers are giving good quality in accessories fields such as Tcl mobile, Samsung, HTC, and Huawei while others are still less comparable in quality with that of the iPhone.

The selection and availability of screen protectors, back covers, car mounts for android smartphones are very hard while it is very easy for iPhones. The famous and big online markets like Amazon and Alibaba have a variety of these accessories for iPhones with a guarantee. These markets including other markets provide the above-mentioned accessories for androids but there is no guarantee of quality. Moreover paying for a low-quality appliance might make you annoy and it is noneconomical too.

Data Privacy

It’s a universally known fact that iPhones are the most secure smartphones. iPhones make you feel free for data protection and privacy-related issues. Although android smartphone developers have improved their data protection and privacy they still have to improve for better services. Unauthorized access to your data and accounts is nearly impossible in iPhones while it is less in android smartphones.


When you purchase an iPhone no matter from where and from which courier you buy it when you boot it for 1st time there is no pre-installed bloatware. It means that it is free from data siphoning or power siphoning applications. When an android phone comes out of the box, it does not spare you from the bloatware like CNN and Tvshow apps.

Software Updates

Usually, innovations come earlier in android phones. Android smartphones’ initial Operating system was android 3.0 and now android 9.0 is easily available in markets. Nowadays iOS 14 is available but it is launched almost 2 years after the updated discovery. Meanwhile, Samsung launched its smartphone with naught features just 8 months after the introduction of naught by Microsoft.

Retail Support

If there is any issue or defect arrives in android smartphone its solution is available everywhere. You have to just go to the nearest market and find the repairing service provider shop. It’s much like groceries shopping. Replacement of screen, protector, and battery is not a big deal but these are not as easy for iPhones. The most convenient method to resolve iPhone issues is to return it to the manufacturers and wait. Its probably time consuming and hectic.


The majority of smartphones operate on android that’s why many companies are manufacturing android smartphones. No matter how much do you want to spend on an android smartphone, you can easily find an android phone that fits into the budget.

iPhones are much expensive. iPhones became much economical after a decade but they are still expensive. An android phone having the same features as an iPhone has a huge price difference. Android phones are more economical than iPhones.



We observe that most of us like those phones that are customizable. Android phones have options to set the phone according to your ease. This features works from home screen arrangement to advance settings. Iphones are less customizable than Android ones.

Android phones allow downloading third-party services such as browser and apps while it’s not available in iPhones.


USB plugin

Android phones have a USB C jack to charge the phone and to transfer data. USB C cables are easily available and the USB C port supports external storage devices in form of OTGs.

iPhone port is not universal and its good quality is only available in the box of the phone.


iPhone users usually face storage-related problems while users of android phones can increase their storage by inserting a memory card in the phone or by using an external storage device i.e OTG USBs.

Which One Is Best?

We have provided you sufficient information above to decide which Operating System is good for you. Buy a new phone and choose a service according to your ease as both service providers i.e iOS and android have some advantages and some disadvantages.

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