March 6, 2021

Editing Instagram Collections And Adding Posts

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Editing Instagram Collections And Adding Posts

Editing Instagram Collections And Adding Posts

It is no longer possible to keep up with Instagram updates. A new feature started to be added every day like the Instagram collection. All the new features added to the application make Instagram appear more prominent every time. But recently, Instagram has started to use a slightly different structure. The recent use of Instagram is to include the features of other social media applications directly into the application. Instagram app that struggles hard with Snapchat application in this direction. It had included the most used stories section of Snapchat. Instagram’s stories feature, which is stated to be actively used by 200 million users, was the beginning of all this update movement. How to Edit and Add Posts to Instagram Collections.


After this period, we started to see new updates and other social media features coming with updates. The new update published by Instagram at this point was the Instagram collections feature. Although the new feature, which was published recently, did not change Instagram from the beginning, it made Instagram much more useful and much more fun. After the Instagram collections feature was released, one of the most curious issues was how to use this feature. Let’s consider all these uses in detail.

Creating Instagram Collections

We have mentioned it in our previous articles, but let’s briefly remind you once again. The short steps you need to do to create the collections are as follows;

If you need to handle it step by step, you need to click on the save icon first. After clicking the Save section, you will now need to click on the ” + ” icon on the top right .

After performing this process, you have to enter a name on the screen that appears. You will need to enter the name you set for your collection in the Enter a name section on the screen that appears. Then you need to click the ” Next ” tab.

In fact, these actions mean you create your collections. But there is a final step to fill the collections you have created. After clicking the Next button, you need to select the pictures you want to add to your collection. After making your selections from the registered shipments section, the process is completed.

Editing and Deleting Instagram Collections

These are not the only details that need to be known about the Instagram collections feature, which requires such easy steps to create . Apart from that, there are many more points you need to know. The most important of these is the order of the collections it creates. Various adjustments can be made in the collections feature, as in almost every setting section on Instagram. With these adjustments, you can edit and delete the collections you have created in the Instagram collections section. Let’s take a look at what you need to do to edit and delete Instagram collections .

instagram add to collection

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For this process, we will first need to view the collections we have created. You can edit and delete within the collections you choose. In order to start the operations you need to do for this, you will first need to enter your profile. Then you need to enter the save icon to go to the post registration section.

After the save post section, you will need to enter the ” collections ” section. You will see all the collections you have created under the Collections tab. You need to select the collections you want to organize in the collections here.

After you select the collection, there is a three-dot icon on the upper right of the collection you selected. After touching the three-dot icon, you enter the collection settings. You will now need to click on the ” edit collections ” tab from this screen . This screen edit screen.

Now, it is possible to make name changes on the collection screen. Then, after you touch the done tab, the collection name changes.

If you want to delete the collection you have created, you need to use the ” delete collection ” button at the bottom before touching the finished part . If you want to remove only one post, you have to come on the post in the collection and press the save icon for a long time and then select the “ remove from saved”.

With this process, you can easily organize and manage collections. The fact that all these adjustments are made on the same menu can be shown as a great convenience.

Editing and deleting Instagram collections

After the collection editing screen, let’s see how we can add a new post to the collections. The procedures to be done for this are quite simple. Let’s talk about how to add posts to your collections. Here is what you will do for this process;

In the profile section, we click on the tab known as the save button.

After logging in to this tab, we enter the collections section again.

Now you will need to login to the collection to which you want to add posts.

We enter the collection you want to add a post to and click on the three dots at the top right.

Now you will need to click on the ” add collection ” tab from this screen .

You need to select the posts you want to add to the collection from the images saved on the screen that follows. Then it will be enough to press the finish button. After this process, the posts you choose are added to the collections section of your choice.

The collections feature is currently known as a feature used only in the saved photos section. There is no new feature to use the collections feature in a wider area or to share the collections feature in posts. For this, Instagram can be considered to publish another update. But there is no sharing or explanation made by Instagram about the new update. For this, we do not know how to make changes about Instagram’s new feature. It will be necessary to wait for the posts to be made for this from the Instagram blog page.

Important Note: Although the Instagram collections feature has been put into use, there are messages from some users that there are still no updates. If the feature that comes with Instagram 10.16 version is not available, you will need to check for updates first. If there are no updates or the version you are using is not Instagram 10.16 , then update the application first. If the update of the application is not visible then you can choose to delete the application and install it again.


If the same problem occurs again, then you have to wait for a while for the update. InstagramIt did not directly release the update in question for all regions. Again, updates went on air by region. For this reason, users who cannot see an update on their devices despite the update will have to wait for a while. But even if you haven’t received the updates, Instagram is expected to complete all updates after a very short time. So the waiting period will not be too long. If you still cannot use the feature after the full update is released, this time there may be a problem with your application.

What is Instagram Collection?

You can save the posts you like on Instagram and create collections by classifying them.

How to Add Photos to Instagram Collection?

You can add photos you have saved on Instagram to the collection. You can add the posts you have saved to the collection by going to the Collections tab and using the Add Collection option.

How to Save Instagram Photos?

You can save the shares you like on Instagram with the collection button to the right of the share.

What is Instagram Archive?

Instagram archive is a feature where you can pass your desired post and re-activate it whenever you want.

Archived Photos With Which Date?

If you take back the photos you have taken to the archives, all your photos will appear in the order and date you shared.

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