April 10, 2021

Everything you must know about domain specific applications

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Everything you must know about domain specific applications

Mobile phones and smartphones are now everything. These smartphones have become a source of communication between customers and many businesses. Most businesses develop specific mobile applications to get more close to their clients and customers. Such mobile applications have played a serious and important part in bringing the business and its important clients together.

Every business has its own specifications, and they have their specific demand for each mobile application they will develop. We call these specifications in the development of mobile applications domain specific applications. Each domain specific application will be different from other applications except for a few aspects. For example, every mobile application will have a login and signup page asking for the user details to store in the database no matter what domain it has been developed for.

Keep scrolling this article to get detailed information about various domains  which mobile applications are developed and know their purpose.

 Top 6 domains for which a mobile application is important

Every business has its own specialties and specifications, and these specifications differ them from other businesses. Some businesses must have a mobile application to stay in touch with their clients and provide them with more information. You will see some features in each domain specific mobile application without which the application is of no use for the business.

Following are some of the domains for which the mobile applications are important and will possess some specific features.

1. Food and restaurants

It is very important for food and restaurants that people know about them, and if their customers know them, they must have some specific applications to take their orders and get their feedback. The applications for food and restaurant will be different from the other industries, and the gallery of the application will have pictures of more food items. These applications must be simple to use and attractive in their look. Contact the mobile app development Dubai located firms to develop simple yet attractive domain specific applications for your food and restaurant industry to get more close to your customers.

2. Travel industry

Travel businesses are now moving towards the trend of developing mobile applications, and the applications these industries will need will be different from others. Travel businesses provide mobile applications for their customers for bookings and gathering more information about the flights and bus fares. The business itself will need a mobile application to track their customers’ location before and after they provide their services. For this purpose, the mobile application must have a GPS in its tracking system, differentiating the app from other applications.

3. Media industry

When we talk about the media industry, we refer to more graphics, animations, and user interface effectiveness in a mobile application. The applications you will develop for the media industry will be different from others, and the content within the app will constantly change. You must make sure that the graphics are rendered well and the display of graphics is fair enough for the users. For this domain, you have to focus more on the quality of display and user interface than any other domain.

4. Healthcare industry

The applications you will develop for this domain will be less focused on the interface and will emphasize more on the working. For example, the healthcare industry takes the patient’s information, daily records, appointment information, and other relevant information. For this purpose, the mobile application must have a link to a database that has a greater capacity for storing a large amount of information and data. The challenge for the developers is to manage the database fr this specific domain.

5. Mobile commerce industry

Mobile commerce is now one of the emerging industries after web commerce. Most of the users make their transactions and shopping online through their smartphones. For this purpose, the applications the developers will design will be more responsive, fast, and secure. The app developers must make sure that the application they are developing for this domain is having no security breach issues and threats to make transactions without any threats.

6. Education sector

The trend of mobile application in the educational sectors has emerged in the past few years. Before that, web applications were playing the role and serving the purpose. Students can log in to their portals and get instant updates and notes. They can get notifications on any update from their professor or institution, which was difficult to conduct with web applications. The mobile application for this domain will have to make sure every user has different authorities and access to the available information. So, hire a mobile app development Dubai based company to develop a mobile application for your specified domain without letting you worry about the applications’ specifications.

Design your mobile application according to your domain!

The application you will develop must match your domain. Having irrelevant applications are nothing except a waste of money. Understand your domain, know your core functionalities and let the experts deal with the development of the application matching your domain and serving you the objective.

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