March 2, 2021

Hiking In Autumn -The Right Equipment

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Hiking In Autumn -The Right Equipment

Hiking has become one of the favorite leisure activities in recent years. As a counterbalance to work at the desk and long everyday school life, an exercise in nature offers relaxation for body, mind, and soul. Even if hiking has its charms all year round, autumn is the most beautiful time of the year for many nature lovers. The autumn sun bathes the landscape in a particularly beautiful light — the colorful leaves on the trees are just as pleasing to the eye as the wafts of mist that pull over the fields in the morning.

Standing on a summit above the sea of ​​fog is always an overwhelming experience. Sunny autumn days sometimes offer a seemingly infinite foresight, while the sun no longer burns as it does in the summer months. When the temperature is pleasant, the destination can be reached more easily on strenuous mountain tours. Hiking tours in autumn have their special charm but also require special equipment to be able to withstand rain, moisture and wind. Read here what is important when it comes to equipment in autumn.

Functional clothing – well equipped in any weather

Sporty everyday clothing may be comfortable on walks, but jeans and cotton shirts are not recommended for longer hikes. It is worth investing in good hiking equipment. Anyone who has ever hiked is usually quickly caught by the hiking fever and will want to lace up their hiking boots as often as possible.

In addition to the special functional underwear for the colder seasons, there are those made of wool. This is sometimes offered cheaply by discount store chains at the start of the season and does not necessarily have to be an expensive branded product. Hiking shirts and pants made of breathable fabrics, soft-shell jackets, and a warm fleece pullover are also part of the basic equipment, as are hiking socks and rain protection. There are rain jackets with a removable fleece inner part. Both parts can be separated or brought together.

Hiking shoes – with the right footwear high up

Good hiking shoes are the most important purchase before you go hiking. Nothing can cloud the day more than aching feet, blisters, and a lack of support. While sneakers or inexpensive trekking shoes are completely sufficient on a flatland hike, good branded shoes are an absolute must as soon as you go up high. The brands Hanwag, The North Face, or Mammut are recommended. Models of these brands performed best in the current comparison of hiking shoes on the outdoor.

The purchase of hiking boots should be done with sufficient time and professional advice. The choice is huge. There are different models for every requirement and these should not be bought based on looks. The decisive factor is the terrain in which the shoe is to be used. While a trekking shoe is perfect for easy, safe hiking trails, ankle-high mountain boots with sturdy soles are required for the mountains. Trained staff can advise the customer all the better if they know the degree of difficulty in which they want to be on the road.

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Basically, the shoe must enclose the foot in such a way that it does not pinch anywhere. While the heel and metatarsus must be perfectly supported, there is air for the toes above and in front. Hiking shoes should be bought approx. 1 size larger than street shoes so that the toes do not hit even when walking downhill.

Special hiking socks provide additional cushioning and ensure that your feet stay dry even after hours of walking.

Hiking luggage – what belongs in the backpack?

The backpack should also be carried to the shop as a test and must sit comfortably. If the selected model does not have an integrated rain cover, it can be purchased separately. Rainfalls are always to be expected in autumn and luggage is protected in this way. A thermos with hot tea, enough water, and a picnic belongs in the backpack as well as an emergency pharmacy, the mobile phone, and of course a hiking map. Even in autumn and especially when going into the mountains, a hat and sunscreen should not be missing. In the high mountains, gloves and a scarf also belong in your luggage. Trekking poles are useful when crossing snowfields and relieve the joints on the descent.

Those who like to take photos must not forget their camera in order to be able to capture the many natural experiences that can only be found on a hike as a memory.

The right equipment is essential when hiking, no matter what time of year. With the right equipment, tours are not only easier but also safer. Anyone planning longer hikes should therefore be well prepared and, for example, obtain detailed information in advance.


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