November 29, 2020

How to Choose an Accredited TEFL Certification Online?

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TEFL Certification

TEFL Certification: Living abroad as a teacher means the opportunity to explore and learn different languages, cultures, groove to multiple tunes, and meet new people. It seems like the experience of a lifetime! Doesn’t it?

And looking at the growing demand for English Teachers with adequate training and expertise, you can undoubtedly have this experience, provided you have an accredited TEFL certification.

Indeed, a licensed TEFL accreditation is an unquestionable requirement. It is additionally mandatory in certain nations and placement companies. It prepares you to be an educator with the much-needed fundamentals and provides you with an all-around practical experience.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the why and how of choosing an online accredited TEFL certification course.


What is an accredited TEFL certification course?

The most concerning issue with the TEFL business is the absence of regulations. Anybody can take a TEFL course, market, and sell it. This implies that there are several courses to browse, many of which are of bad quality.

So, an accredited TEFL course is the course that is put under the microscope by an independent accrediting body whose occupation is to assess the educational and expert standards of the program officially. They make sure that the TEFL provider is qualified and offers quality training to all its candidates.

Picking a universally recognized TEFL certification course is essential for you and your future placement companies to be sure that you’ve taken a decent quality course and you are a good English educator who is capable of teaching and explaining an unknown dialect to the students.

So while picking an accredited TEFL certification course, it is essential to discover a system you like, check their audits, industry experience, and excellent teaching qualifications.

To put it simply, three variables will add to whether your TEFL affirmation is recognized or not:


  1. Is the TEFL certification a brand name or partnered with an accrediting authority?
  2. Is the organization that gives your TEFL certification regulated through a good accreditation body?
  3. Does your TEFL certification show that you got enough hours of training and guidance to turn into a fruitful educator?


Why is an online accredited TEFL course better than an on-site course?

There are many quality and reputable online and on-location TEFL courses out there. Both can prepare you for teaching the theories and strategies of English as an unknown dialect.

However, the significant distinction is that online courses are more reasonable, adaptable, active, included, and profound. They are flexible enough to let you grasp the knowledge, unlike onsite courses where you have to go to classes. Although physical courses can help you build connections with peers and network with other English teachers sooner than online courses.

Online courses allow learners to schedule their study time around the rest of their day to study and work appropriately by accurate time management. Also, online sources and course materials are easily accessible round the clock; consequently, no compelling reason to stress over your missing notepad!

Considering the pandemic situation, it is not even safe for aspiring TEFL educators to travel to different nations with the risk of getting infected. With online TEFL courses, you can concentrate on your other activities too.

Taking TEFL courses online can be valuable for those who are not sure about what they need to do or where they need to go, however, they want to consider going all in. They can start on the web and plan on getting some on-location involvement in the future.


Tips on how to choose an online accredited TEFL certification

1. Choose a trustworthy TEFL certification course supplier

While picking a reliable and reputable TEFL course, you should prioritize learning how to teach effectively, and discovering the employment opportunities once qualified. We can’t pressure exactly enough how significant accreditation is concerning both these areas.

Accreditation is your assurance that the course offered will do precisely that. Accreditation involves a formal and thorough audit process by a recognized independent body that analyses a school’s academic and expert principles.

Right off the bat, you need to ensure that an accredited TEFL certification prepares you for teaching English. By altogether evaluating the course supplier, an accrediting body decides if they can offer quality TEFL courses as they promise or not.

Check out the online presence of your best TEFL certification provider. Make sure the website is legit and is associated with a reputable accrediting organization. Ensure that all the detailed information about the curriculum and TEFL ELF course provider is available because lots of fake sites are also being set up to earn profits. And lastly, do not forget to read the reviews and comments publicly on the site.

2. Make sure your TEFL certification institute provides 100 hours of training, at least

There are numerous TEFL/TESOL certification courses of different durations. TEFL course providers are divided into those that satisfy the 100-hour guideline of teaching and those who don’t.

You can discover TEFL courses that guarantee to qualify you as a teacher within a week. However, this sounds unrealistic because it is not possible for any trustworthy organization to finish a major TEFL course within a week. Most organizations and teaching schools expect their employees to have a minimum of 100-hour TEFL certification. These typically take around a quarter of a year to finish, although you can learn at your own pace.

TEFL certification courses providing less than 100 hours of training do not satisfy global guidelines and are not viewed as authentic by most schools and language foundations around the globe that hire English educators.

Considering a TEFL course with at least 100 hours of study is ideal for getting job opportunities. TEFL certification’s lowest standard is 100 hours of scholastics and 6-20 hours of live education to ESL understudies. The majority of the legitimate companies with the best workplace environment won’t perceive any lesser confirmation.

3. Research who your trainers will be

While selecting the TEFL certification course, trainers are one of the essential parts. You should look at their experience level, capabilities, and even their online media accounts where they post regularly. This can give you an idea and clarity about your coaches and mentors in the TEFL course.

A college-level, professional certification TEFL course must be taught by an exceptionally qualified teacher with years of experience teaching English as a foreign language.

Be careful about TEFL courses being educated by a coach whose capabilities have not been mentioned. Because it is all about money and salary, a university-level teacher asks for better pay than someone with just a teaching certificate. One explanation that some TEFL courses are so cheap is that qualified proficient teachers do not teach them.

4. Read through the course educational program

Before choosing your desired accredited TEFL certification program, you should also consider the organization’s curriculum and make sure it covers all the fundamental aspects of the TEFL course.

The syllabus is readily available on the course provider’s website, giving you insights and knowledge of the topics covered in the given duration. The lessons that will be taught, their objective, and their role in your teaching career also play a vital role in deciding your TEFL certification course.

This also includes the classroom management and due attention which is given to each candidate in the academy. The TEFL course which you choose should have a decent teaching style with proper guidelines for teaching methods.

Make sure that all the reading material, relevant books, and relevant internships are also available.

5. Check whether the course includes practicum or not

Some accredited TEFL certification institutes offer real-time teaching experience in classrooms known as a teaching practicum. Opting for a TEFL course with a practicum can help boost your confidence and give you some possible expertise before you begin working as an instructor.

If you want to be a full-time, paid proficient in this field and don’t have any desire to be closed out from English language educators’ legitimate worldwide businesses, you should be sure that your TEFL course incorporates real teaching practice sessions.

The better language schools need their paid educators to have experience working with understudies before teaching various classes per day. Progressively, numerous businesses around the globe won’t even consider TEFL certifications that exclude a live practicum.

Practicum will empower you to pick up operational experience and build up a degree of certainty working in a live instructing climate that will demonstrate as a fundamental when you set foot in an English class anywhere in the world.

At least you should be finishing 6 hours of training before you travel to another country abroad as a professional.



To get better career opportunities and be a qualified TEFL teacher, you should only join an accredited TEFL certification course. This will not only help boost your confidence but will also turn you into a more glorified educator.


Before choosing the right TEFL course for yourself, it is imperative to do enough research to ensure the course provider’s reliability. Make sure it is legitimate and provide quality education. Don’t hesitate to be particular.


Take your time and choose the right online accredited TEFL certification course from the wide variety of courses available online.




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