March 6, 2021


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With technology penetrating every aspect of our life, education is no exception. The availability of high-speed internet, smartphones, tablets, and laptops at affordable rates over the last few years have transformed us into technology-driven people.

The education industry has also gone a sweeping transformation in terms of going online. Lots of tech companies, online learning platforms and MOOCs originated in the educational landscape offering plethora of courses both for adults and children.

However, one challenge that is faced by this industry is learning inertia. The survey shows that around 42 to 45% of people enrolled in the online courses never start their courses or drop in between. They show this static tendency in terms of completing the course.

Although survey results indicate a quite glean future for online education. Yet most of the learning forums face the barrier of the low rate of completion on part of students or lack of motivation to enroll in new courses after completion of one.

Few strategies for overcoming learning inertia for online subscribers and how best they can stay motivated, complete, and benefit from their courses.


1. The clarity in vision and goal

Once you enroll for an online course or planning to enroll in one, just take some time to clarify yourself so as to why you need the course. Do you want to learn a new technical skill or soft skill? What kind, of course, will help you? What is your purpose for enrolling in the course? Is it for some career advancement or switching to some different career or just skill refinement? If you have a clear vision of the need and purpose of the course, you will be motivated to meet your goals.


2. Schedule your time and start

For any successful accomplishment, you need to be judicious to set up a proper calendar and reminders to start and continue your course. Fixing up a time every day may be in the morning or evening after office hours as per convenience is important.

You must consciously try to stick to the schedule also. Initially, it is always a little difficult to start something new, especially something out of your comfort zone. Finding out time amidst a work-filled day is really a matter of challenge.

However, challenges and adversity will help you to unlock your real potential. Start by simply taking out 15 minutes per day. Gradually, you may increase once you get into the routine of it. Avoid distractions during the time of study. You can reward yourself after sticking to your routine every day.


3. Break your content bite-sized

Dividing your content into manageable chunks will help you to attain your target as per your routine. Small bite size content will help you to grasp the matter easily. Spreading the entire content into small portions will avoid making you discouraged and overwhelmed.


4. Take help of assisted learning and mentorship

Nowadays mostly all learning forums aim towards providing personalized education. Assisted learning and mentorship is one such cherry on top. Since in online classes, you don’t get to see your peers, coparticipants and instructors always face to face, a feeling of loneliness and isolation is apt to happen.

It is recommended that you take the benefit of assisted learning and mentorship where you can regularly interact with your mentor, learners guide, and motivator. These people will help keep up your spirits high. Automatically, you will develop more accountability towards your course.


5. Join in a live session

Besides the recorded course videos, if your learning forum is providing live sessions, don’t miss out on them. Set your calendars to join the sessions as they will be a great outlet for you to socialize besides your academic benefit.

Academically, discussing, and interacting with the instructor for a particular curriculum topic will help you to gain more in-depth knowledge and clarify your doubts. Besides this, you will get the chance of making connections with other participants, discuss courses and other personal and work life with them. Sharing your knowledge,  difficulties and personal fables with others can give you a sense of pride, accomplishment, and belongingness.


6. Track your progress

Tracking your progress is very important as it gives you a clear picture of your strengths and weaknesses. This further helps you chart a plan to work upon and improve your weak areas. Getting proper feedback assists in recognizing your achievements. Revealing in one’s own achievements will instill positivity and will keep you motivated.

Enrolling oneself in an online course is just a few clicks away. But completing it within the time frame and reaping the maximum benefit out of it is what needs to be mastered by most of us. Learning inertia in online learning is very common.

In the absence of any external element of force and stick, the regularity of traditional classroom instruction, teacher-student interaction, peer pressure and competition, it requires a lot of sincere effort and commitment to stay motivated. Following and sticking to the above strategies will not only keep you motivated but also aid you in treading the path of challenge.

Always believe in yourself and always stretch yourself beyond your limits. Your life is worth a lot more than you think. Every challenge, every risk, every adversity you face in life contain the seeds of opportunity and growth.

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