March 6, 2021

In Norway’s Bergen 8 Incredible Tourist Places One Must See

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In Norway's Bergen 8 Incredible Tourist Places One Must See

Bergen, the second-largest city in Norway and one of Scandinavia’s busiest cruise ship stopovers, is a fairly popular place for tourists. Berger is surrounded by a ring of hills, also known as the Seven Mountains. There is a lot that sightseeing in Bergen can offer tourists. The town has an incredible history of art and culture. The city is made even more lively by festivals such as the annual Bergen International Festival, Bergenfest, and Nattjazz Festivals.


It can be overwhelming to experience such diversity in the culture, art, festivals, and locations when you are in Bergen. You must have some knowledge of the locations that you should definitely visit during your trip to make sure that you have a hint of every color that Bergen has to offer. We compiled a list of the top places of Bergen to visit to cover the most beautiful attractions of your visit.



1. Hanseatic Wharf Bryggen


The Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf, located at 5003 Bergen, Bryggen, is one of the most popular places to visit in Bergen, Norway. Studios, workshops, boutique shops, and restaurants are plentiful in the area. The alleyways are narrow and have old wooden merchant houses that make the place look like a perfect combination of a modern and old culture that should not be missed. Don’t miss the amazing museum, which displays fascinating historical artifacts as old as the 14th century, if you visit Bryggen.



2. Square of the Market


The main location on the southwest side of the main port is Grensegrenden 1, 5035 Bergen, Market Square. The 700-year-old fish market in this market will give you the most authentic way to glimpse the history of the city. The best time to start the Market Square tour is early in the morning when the fish market becomes the busiest with the fresh catch being sold and purchased by the traders. This beautiful market square is definitely one of the most interesting places in Bergen, to visit Norway



3. Fortress Bergenhus


The Bergenhus Fortress, which has dominated the port entrance since the 16th century, is one of the top attractions in Bergen, Norway. In the fortress, you can enjoy amazing exhibits specifically related to the contribution of resistance groups and women during the 1940-45 occupation of Norway by Germany. After the show, the remains were built on an even older castle from the 12th century in 1660 in Sverresborg fortress.



4. Museum of the Hanseatic Republic


One of the 18th century’s well-persevered merchant homes is Finnegard. The Hanseatic Museum is housed here, providing an insight into the lives of German merchants. This provides a comprehensive view of the furniture, weapons, and other equipment used in the course of history.


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5. Cathedral of Bergen


The Bergen Cathedral, located at Domkirkeplassen 1, 5003 Bergen, has the oldest recorded cathedral reference, which dates back to 1181 AD. After it was destroyed in the 1623 fire, the cathedral was rebuilt. The cathedral got its look in 1640, which you see today. The Rococo interiors were added by the famous architect Christian Christie in 1880, making the cathedral even more attractive.



6. The Old Open-Air Museum of Bergen


The Old Bergen Open-Air Museum is located in Sandviken, Bergen, and is one of the most famous places in the Old City district. This is an open-air museum with 35 historic wooden buildings in its collection. It demonstrates the city’s architectural diversity from the 18th to the 19th centuries.


7. Collection Rasmus Meyer


The Rasmus Meyer collection, located at Rasmus Meyers Allé 7, Bergen, has been one of the city’s main attractions since 1923. The collection includes paintings by some of Norway’s amazing artists, including Egedius, Much, Dahl, and Munthe, and sketches. If you love art, you should also check out the applied arts museum, which has a collection of rare porcelain and pottery along with the work of the goldsmith.



8. Hall Grieg


Bergen The Greig Hall is located at Strømgate and is one of the finest places to visit, especially if you love daring architecture. It is the finest instance of modern architecture and has outstanding acoustics. The hall provides the perfect setting for concerts, opera, and ballet. The name is given to Edward Greig, one of Bergen’s most beloved sons.


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