March 6, 2021

Need Help With Parenting? Try OgyMogy

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Need Help With Parenting? Try OgyMogy

Need Help With Parenting? Try OgyMogy

OgyMogy: Parenting is a difficult task as parents have to monitor their kids all day. They have to make sure that they are safe from all kinds of dangers, physically or digitally. With the epidemic going on, the duties of parents have become doubled as the line between personal and professional life got aloof from working at home. They have to do their jobs and tend to the kids all together. Sharing the burden of parents, OgyMogy came up with unique features that are best for parenting. The extensive set of features include remote access, screen recording, tracking browsing history, call recording, location tracking, browsing history, online searches, passwords, and so much more. So, without wasting any time, let’s get to know these fantastic features.

Screen Recording

Your kid spends a lot more time on the computer these days, and you are curious about it? You are wondering if he got a girlfriend or is spending time with some suspicious person. Or are you worried about his health because he doesn’t spend any time outside playing? OgyMogy is here to let you monitor them closely. With its unique feature of mobile screen recording and making screenshots of the computer every few seconds, parents can easily monitor the activities of kids remotely. OgyMogy, as spy software, captures the screen of devices of the kids and then sends a whole video to parents on their emails. It means that now parents can remotely see why kids are spending so much time on computers etc.

Emails Tracking

Kids are very socializing these days, where they have friends from all over the world. They are sharing their hobbies and their personal information with each other. It seems familiar that mostly strangers reach to kids after planning something hideous. To make sure that kids are talking to known friends and are sharing emails with them only, parents can use OgyMogy to track the coming and endless emails from the accounts of kids. Kids are innocent, and they can indulge in illegal activates online like watching prohibited content, etc. So what parents can do is that they can track all the online activities like monitoring the emails, browsing history, and all the chats of kids with their friends.

Unlocking Devices

You have a growing kid who wants to be secretive about his stuff like his online accounts, activities etc. But then they are spending most of the time on their devices without telling you about what they are doing. You don’t have to worry anymore as OgyMogy can unlock all the devices and accounts of your kids without making them known. Yes, it’s a real wonder because now you can open the device of your kids and can see what they are hiding. You can also track their browsing history, their online chats, their social media friends, and their searches on Google. All this can be done by installing OgyMogy software on the designated devices and then tracking them remotely.

Managing Contacts

Nowadays, everyone has smartphones; even small kids have their smartphones. Usually, parents hand these phones to kids for security reasons; to track their location and to help them in emergencies. For this, parents can use OgyMogy. It provides features like a hidden phone tracker that can locate your kids and manage the contacts on their phones. These contacts can be the emergency contacts as well as contacts of their family and friends. Kids usually delete these contacts, but with OgyMogy, these contacts stay installed on their device so that they can use them in the time of danger. Moreover, OgyMogy manages the personal contacts of parents so that they don’t lose any connection and stays in contact with the teachers of kids.

OgyMogy is a smart software that can help you in parenting. The features like screen recording, location tracking, remote access, tracking browsing history are best suitable for parenting. With three easy steps; selecting a convenient package, installing the app, and search, OgyMogy provides you with the most effortless installation process. Moreover, it is available on all kinds of platforms; Mac, Windows, and Androids with a user-friendly display that can help parents to access all the features easily. So don’t hesitate and try it and you will be thankful.

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