March 6, 2021

Parts of SEO

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Parts of SEO

Parts of SEO

In this digital era where everyone is rushing towards digital marketing especially towards SEO so, in this article, you get to know about the types of SEO and I will make sure to cover all parts of it as deeply and technically as possible.

There are three parts of SEO (On-page, Off-page & Technical SEO). Lot of peoples only focuses on the first 2 parts that make them do a lot more efforts then it actually takes. The technical SEO is indirectly linked to rankings and it’s completely under our control to use this and create a high impact on rankings and rank higher for a longer duration.

On-page SEO

In this part, you have to optimize the whole websites such as meta tags, headings, keywords-friendly content, internal blogs, and a lot more stuff. The best part is you have 100% access to manage your complete on-page as compared to off-page SEO. All these factors impact your rankings in search engines some have high impact, some low, and some have moderate impacts but all these are the very important and genuine process of improving your search results and have high CTC (click-through rate).  On-page SEO is a one-time process till you add some new content on the website and it’s the first step to impact search rankings heavily.

Off-page SEO

Here things are a bit different and you have to rely on other sites you can only control the quality of content and links you are sharing on different sites but you cannot control the duration and quality of links for a long term and this is the main reason to make this as a long term completely ongoing process only the intensity of processes changes according to time and results. Off-page SEO is the major supporting element in rankings as through this you generate multiple backlinks on multiple sites through various forms of content such as articles, images, videos, presentations, etc. The links created through this support the search results to rank and gain stability higher.

Technical SEO

This is a key factor for ranking in SEO for both boost rankings & gain stability. In technical SEO things are again completely under your control such as SSL certificates, page speed, sitemap, error pages, etc. all these factors are very high in intensity to improve rankings for the long term as well as it’s also important to maintain rankings high for the long term even if u do less off-page SEO.

So, in the end, all these 3 types are so much important but always start with on-page then technical and then start off-page for best results.

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