Although house swapping is one of the oldest ideas in lodging, it is still new for some travelers, especially families. House swapping is the type of holiday, where you stay in someone else’s vacation home, watch movies on their LED, prepare a healthy meal in a fully-equipped kitchen, and dive into their private pool, without paying for lodging. But, to enjoy this type of travel, you’ll need to find the perfect vacation house to spend a memorable time. Here are some pro tricks to search for the best house exchange options.


1. Find a Credible Home Swapping Site


First, do comprehensive research to narrow down on a reliable house swapping platform; you can explore hundreds of vacation houses in your preferred destination. Many house exchange websites don’t charge anything from their members to sign up and have a nominal fee only when the swap deal goes through.



You can always talk to your friends, those who have recently done a house swapping vacation; ask questions about their experience, and how they found their desired property. There are several online forums where you can connect with fellow travelers and seek recommendations for house swapping listing sites.


Do check the volume of the member base, the larger the database of members, the better chance of finding the best ideal house exchange, but at the same time, will mean great competition with other homes in the area. Thoroughly go through the website to obtain all the crucial details such as fees, number of listings, the different ways to communicate with other house swapping partners, and how you can connect with the customer support team. And, finally, read online reviews and ratings before you decide.


2. The Type of Homes You are Searching

Some house swapping sites focus on a specific type of home, be it vacation homes or apartments. First, you’ve to determine what kind of property option you are looking for. By doing so, you’ll speed up your process to discover the best house exchange choices. Some sites are specialized in a specific target location, so keep that in mind, before enrolling.



3. Proper Description


Your property deception needs to be detailed, highlight all the features, and avoid unnecessary or incorrect information to drive more engagement. If you create a proper description, you’ll only get relevant house exchange requests, and increasing the odds of arranging an exchange.


4. Be Flexible


Yes, you heard it right; when it comes to house swapping you need to be a little flexible with dates. One or two days probably don’t mean much.  Saving a few hundred dollars in lodging costs might well justify changing your travel dates. Flexibility in terms of whether the property is an apartment, townhouse or single-family will also increase your chances of arranging a successful exchange.




Listings on The Vacation Exchange Network make it easy to use people’s attractive locations as a launchpad for a home – to swap lifestyles. People swap their houses to stay on the yacht or stay in their homes while they explore the area.


Home exchange is one of the hottest travel trends and offers something for everyone, with accommodations such as pied-a-Terre, villas, apartments, hotels, and even private yachts. The popularity of exchanges like The Vacation Exchange Network allows strangers to connect with potential exchanges.


Holiday exchange has many advantages and allows you to live in another part of the world if you are willing to exchange your home instead of staying in a hotel. This offers you a unique holiday experience that is not possible through traditional accommodation options. Accommodation is free, which is great for those of us who live in different parts of the world, but not so good for the rest of us.


If you need to exchange or rent your holiday home for a holiday home before you swap it, you can only use it as an investment property. You cannot live in your rented second home, even if it is a rented home; only investment properties can be used.


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