March 2, 2021

How It Started VS. How It’s Going: The Key to Small Businesses’ Social Media Breakthroughs

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How It Started VS. How It’s Going: The Key to Small Businesses’ Social Media Breakthroughs

In the competitive world of the internet, businesses are urged to engage in bigger audiences and strengthen their online presence through social media. The increase of social media use in businesses, in tandem with other marketing strategies offered by an SEO service provider in the Philippines, is one of the proven ways to increase their online visibility.

Managing your business while also handling your social media pages to ensure your market’s online visibility could be tough to balance. Big businesses with millions at their disposal for social media marketing with high level of engagements is definitely one goal that every startup aim to get.

However, it’s understandable to not feel as encouraged when certain posts do not reach the results you were expecting, especially when you’re just starting. Think of it this way – those big businesses had to start somewhere too.

Seeing campaign ads everywhere when you scroll down? Encountered a deal from a post that piqued your interest at one point? The thing is, all those leads, posts, engagements, and campaigns you are seeing from big businesses aren’t accidental.

Growth hacks had always been data-driven and successful businesses that get all the social media attention had referred to data, formulated a plan, and executed steps accordingly to set certain goals. Fortunately for you, these steps aren’t exclusive, and there are certain hacks you may use to kick-start your business’ journey to social media domination.

Attract Followers with Lead Magnets


Creating lead magnets is a resourceful way of attracting new users, while also building a community with a foundation or a common interest. These will not only bring in new users that will punch up your numbers on social media but also ensure active participation in your posts from a certain group of people. Examples of lead magnets could be in the form of collaborative meetings like webinars or webcasts.

Facebook is one of the best social networking sites to promote a lead magnet. Generating the perfect ad on Facebook generally requires curiosity-piquing headlines, intriguing pictures and articles, and an informative description text. In order to successfully encourage your social media fans to become customers, make sure that your webinars or lead magnets are valuable, resourceful, and unique enough. Most importantly, these should align with your businesses’ goals so every lead that goes into your pipeline can be your next customer.

Utilize Visual Content


The internet has allowed users to browse and surf different websites and apps all at once. To capture their attention, you must lure these users with interesting visual content.

Visual content is one of the most important types of content for about 32% of marketers. A staggering 80% of marketing experts use visuals as one of the key points in their social media promotion.

Creative visual assets may include thought-provoking and experimental social videos, infographics that contain helpful and valuable information, or aesthetically pleasing header images on blogs that may be shared through artistic websites like Pinterest or Tumblr.

It is one thing to use your art to capture the attention of internet users, but another to keep them interested. Make sure that your content is visually pleasing while providing value to your customers.

Leverage Trending Topics

Almost anything can trend and go viral on the internet nowadays. The use of different hashtags is one way to increase brand awareness. You can use these to publish messages in relation to different trending topics so people and potential customers can easily find your posts. There are websites you can check out to keep up with the different trending topics so you’ll always have an arsenal of materials to work on.

Cross-Post Content at the Right Times

An active Twitter user may not be on Instagram or vice versa. A Facebook user may not be active on either or both. This makes cross-posting on different social media apps an important strategy in broadening your reach and capturing all the possible audiences.

The timing of the posts is also crucial. Make sure to schedule the post during the hours where people are online and have time to browse through the internet react. You can also reshare the message but in different formats.

Many celebrities and even regular social media users cross-post their pictures and videos. For businesses, especially for startups, it is a productive and efficient way of getting more eyes on the brand. You may expand your content once you’ve established an organic amount of following from your pages.

There might not be a textbook or a certain formula that would make a business-post go viral overnight. Through small steps, persistence, and proper execution, your business – slowly but surely – will achieve much more than just social media ‘presence’, but longevity in the digital sphere, as well.

How to make social media marketing effective?

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