March 2, 2021

How to Make Social Media Marketing Effective?

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How to Make Social Media Marketing Effective?

It is not easy to do truly effective social media marketing. These 5 tips of ours can help you understand how to get better results even in advertising

How to make social media marketing effective? What is the most valid advice? Social networks represent a truly amazing user base; the numbers speak for themselves: to find new potential customers, you need to contact them. It is also true, however, that despite such populousness, it is not always possible to achieve one’s goals.

It must be remembered that updating the Facebook algorithm has made the work of companies grappling with social media more difficult. In fact, in 2017 there was a 20% drop in the engagement of posts on Social Blue, in particular posts with links or images. Organic reach dropped a lot last year. This has given rise to an increase in sponsored, which however to be successful must be thought of in a strategic and highly tactical way.

Here are five tips for putting in place a truly effective social media marketing capable of bringing concrete results.

Choose your campaign objective wisely

The first point to establish is the objective of the campaign. What is the purpose of your advertising? Have more visibility on the company website? Do lead generation or increase sales? Knowing what the goal of your campaign allows you to produce the most effective ad because it is aimed at achieving it.

Proceeding randomly, without a carefully thought out and analyzed project, almost always leads nowhere and in all cases limits the expected results of a social media marketing campaign.

Select the most suitable social network

Not all social media works for all businesses. It makes no sense to invest in a campaign on a social network that is not suitable for a given company. So you need to select the most suitable platform. Such as? This information can be deduced by evaluating the results of previous campaigns on different social networks: which platform worked best? Or in the absence of this data, the work of competitors can be evaluated to understand in which social arenas they have mainly moved their activities.

In general, however, there are general statistics that describe the socio-demographic characteristics of the users of each social network and the prevailing methods of their use, so before choosing where to launch a campaign it is advisable to read up.

Patiently build the audience

Building your online communication audience is not easy. It is a painstaking work of analysis and reflection. Most importantly, you will most likely need to run several tests, test different audiences, varying one component over another, and A / B testing to see which ad works best.

It must always be borne in mind that in social networks the advertisements allow the public to interact: aiming at this aspect with campaigns that involve the public to the maximum degree is more convenient than trying to gain the attention of users with static content and little inclined to stimulate interactions. and direct participation. Besides, each campaign must be monitored in real-time in the interactions it generates: the company must always respond to all comments that arrive in a relevant and dialectical way.

Publish native ads suitable for each social network

In choosing the content to be published as an advertisement, it is necessary to aim at integrating the advertisement with the social feed. An ad that is immediately perceived as an advertisement will be ignored.

When designing the content, two aspects must always be kept in mind: what can strike the attention most and win the interest of the target audience and what form to give to the message so that it is more convincing and appreciable in each social network. A perfect Facebook ad could be laughable on LinkedIn and inadequate on Instagram. With respect to the addition of this, there are some special services added like Buy real Instagram likes UK is the best for Instagram social media marketing.

Respect the stages of the sales funnel

Defining the specific sales funnel for your company is one of the preliminary steps of your social media marketing plan. We must first ask: have the people to whom the advertisement or in general the published content is directed have already gained interest in purchasing what we offer? Proposing the purchase of a 10% discounted tie may not get any results if the public viewing the advert is not interested in buying because they have not been properly stimulated to ask themselves the problem of purchase.

Keep in mind that no one goes to social media intending to buy something. You are on social media to pass the time, to communicate with other users, to inquire about various contents, to have fun, but never with the aim of buying. Proposing a purchase directly can still bring good results, but it is often not the best way to attract the public to the company’s proposals. Many times it is better to propose content further away from the direct sales attempt: proposing a post with the fashion trends of ties for the current year can give better results than a barker ad. Those who read the post may be convinced that the ties in the closet are no longer current and think about buying a new one. In this case, the company that posted the information content will be the first that the user will take into consideration.


Companies that know how to do social media marketing effectively are rewarded by a better relationship with their audience and growth in turnover over time. On the contrary, those who invest in social networks in a reckless way and without specific skills on how to communicate throw away money without seeing a significant return on investment.

There are two ways that businesses can make the most of the unique social media opportunities for online marketing. The first is to assign the work of social media marketing to one or more internal resources who are experts in this kind of activity. These resources can be recruited from scratch and added to the company staff following a selection process, or selected from those already existing and brought to a specific level of competence on social media marketing through training courses. The other way is to entrust the work of social media marketing or online marketing in general to professionals or external agencies.

In both cases, we at Communication Village can give you a hand. If you want to train your internal resources so that they acquire strong skills in social media marketing and web marketing in general, our courses designed specifically for companies are the ideal solution. Alternatively, we can make our team specialized in all the most effective forms of digital marketing available to your business, to ensure a concrete and measurable growth of your company by making the most of all the opportunities existing online. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you grow your business. We will study your needs and propose only the most suitable solutions for your business.

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