March 6, 2021

Why School needs an Online Examination System?

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Why School needs an Online Examination System?

Since last few years technology has been exponentially adopted in the education sector to simplify many activities that were otherwise tiresome when done conventionally. Right from automating assessments to using digital board and live online classes, Education industry has come a long way on its journey of evolution. Here we will discuss all about online examination system and why schools need it the most especially now!

What is Online Examination System?

Online examination system is an independent technology in the world of varied LMS tools which is solely responsible for creating, conducting and evaluating assessments.

It provides an automated and comprehensive examination experience to both the test administrator and candidates. The main tool of virtual examination process is online exam software which has got interactive interface to allow ease of usage and effective creation of exams. Conducting online tests has several benefits few of which are, it eliminates overhead cost and expenses on paper printing, needs less manual labor, and is more flexible in terms of timing and location.

Why do schools need an Online Examination System/Online Exam Software?

The conventional examination system has been amongst us since long. Over the years, its many faults during the examination process and in evaluation have persisted and yet this method didn’t wear off entirely.

So why do schools need an online examination system now? Because the method of online examination has got following benefits-

  • Security of question papers
  • Quick processing of results
  • No dependency on examination centers
  • Reduced cost on logistics
  • Compatible to conduct subjective exams
  • Reduced cost of examination
  • Remote invigilation with online proctoring software
  • Automatic question paper generation
  • Flexibility in managing the exam
  • Automatic result declaration and comprehensive report

Also, the very recent lockdown situation due to Coronavirus has become a significant reason for the large adoption of this technology. Many educational sectors have shifted to online exams so that academic continuity can be maintained. Apart from this, online examination system has also been embraced due to the integration of online proctoring software with it. Online proctoring has increased the scalability and security of online exams by far.

Unlike the conventional examination system, online based exams are much more feasible, accurate and credible. Due to the inclusion of technology, they are more advanced in multiple ways, so read on to know its many features.

What are the Features of an Online Examination System? 


Online exam software comes integrated with variety of features which contributes to its effectiveness and accuracy. Here we will be discussing some of its key features in detail along with its benefits that have successfully replaced the drawbacks of paper-based test.


1. Create assessments with multiple types of questions


There is no limitation in online exam software when it comes to creating an interactive and meaningful test. The administrator can create interactive, fun, and effective online tests with the use of a variety of question types such as-

  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Short answer type question
  • Long answer type question
  • Diagram type question
  • Single-digit question
  • True and false type question
  • Coding questions

Also, the test administrator can make use of multimedia elements such as videos, images, graphs, recordings, and mathematical equations, to get a better outcome from the test being created.

2.  Free customizable templates

When creating tests based on a fixed pattern such as mock test for certain Government and competitive exams, the test creator can use customizable test templates and make changes to it according to the requirement. Also, a general template is provided which you can use to create any type of test, quiz or formative assessment of your choice.


3. Easy Candidate Management

The administrator can add and import multiple candidates at once and can also divide them in similar groups. The groups can be created based on similarity of courses, subject, class or topic. The administrator can also create multiple tests at once and assign them into different groups. The ‘import excel feature” lets the administrator upload the entire list of candidates at once into the system.

4. Timer and added tools

For any test, timer is an important tool which assigns proper duration to it. But timer is also of two types one timer is assigned for the entire test whereas there is also a question based timer which is assigned to every particular question. Also few tools can be added on the test takers screen such as calculator and timer/stop watch.

5. Comprehensive Report

Advanced scoring and analyzing tools offer detailed clarity over the marks obtained in each subject, section, test, and more. This provides an in-depth outlook of the scorecards and the performance of the associated candidates.


An online examination system is the way forward towards the future. It is not a new step towards progressive education methods but rather an enhancement of the existing system. It is the beginning step in improved understanding and analyzing of course material by learners, recall of said material, and the effectiveness of teaching methods being used in a classroom.

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