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The best watches for men to have in 2023

The best watches for men to have in 2023

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Since 2002, Nick and Giles English have been flying the flag for British watchmaking, combining limited editions with unique selling points (its ‘Codebreaker’ contained serial numbers made from original Bletchley Park punch cards; its ‘Victory’ accommodated bits of timber from HMS Victory) with clever collaborations (Rapha; Henley Regatta). A beautiful chronograph created in collaboration with Jaguar is an example of the latter. It’s stamped with the era-appropriate Jaguar logo and references the aluminium bodywork and original Smiths gauges of the 1951 C-Type – a fitting tribute to a genuine British racing icon., £5,695.


When it was released last year, the similarities to Rolex’s Cosmograph Daytona were widely noted, but if you’re going to be compared to one watch, it might as well be that. Rolex’s iconic design with the ceramic bezel and panda dial is one of the most beautiful ever created. Furthermore, the “quintessential Zenith sporty-chic chronograph” is now available in two new case materials: 18kt rose gold with a rose gold bracelet and two-tone 18kt rose gold with a stainless steel bracelet. The overlapping sundials, pump-style side pushers, and 41mm case have all been retained. Something to fill the void left by the unattainable Daytona? Or a one-of-a-kind cool watch in its own right? Both are correct.

zenith- £32,000/ £18,700


All Rolex watches exude prestige, glamour, and style. But perhaps none more so than the Day-Date, the one Rolex that, for a time, was only available in 18k yellow gold, 18k white gold, or 18k Everrose gold, the latter so opulent it was Rolex’s own version of gold. The Day-Date is known as “the president’s watch” for good reason. A platinum version followed, adding to its exclusivity in every way: platinum is difficult to manufacture, it is expensive, and it made the watch extremely heavy. The new-for-’22 model is the first platinum Day-Date with a “fluted” bezel (ridges around the outside) and is paired with Rolex’s distinctive ice-blue sunray dial.

Swatch X Omega

 Bioceramic Swatch X Omega MoonSwatch

The announcement that Omega had teamed up with Swatch to produce a £207 plastic version of its £5,000 Speedmaster “Moonwatch” prompted coverage in the national press, 6am queues around the block, and resale listings in excess of the model’s price. Still, given that someone was stabbed outside a New York Swatch store for theirs, perhaps not all publicity was good publicity. High-low collaborations have done wonders for streetwear, and given the buzz created, expect more from other watch companies. Few, however, will have a name as appealingly readymade as “MoonSwatch”.

 Tag Heuer

The Autavia, now in its 60th year, may not be the most well-known Tag Heuer, but it is certainly its most attractive. The Autavia, a collector’s favourite, was semi-rereleased in 2017, but this release offers three different models: two new chronographs and a three-hand GMT. The flyback chronograph is shown here with a silver and black “panda” dial.